If you are seeking a dynamic speaker who will challenge and encourage others to begin to focus on the true treasure of living, Joel Wiggins is your man. A highly successful entrepreneur, community leader, teacher, author, mentor and committed husband and father, Joel is found credible and inspiring by many audiences.

As an internationally recognized business and leadership expert, Joel Wiggins offers a global perspective on inspiring leaders. Joel is a natural born teacher who loves to challenge and motivate audiences with real-life stories, humorous anecdotes, and rock solid principles that he backs up with his live-it-out approach.

Joel has spent the last 15 years inspiring numerous Fortune 500 companies, leadership conferences, national trade associations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Many of these clients ask Joel to return because of his ability to deliver fresh content and continually inspire his audiences.

For more information on hosting Joel Wiggins at your next event, contact by email (info@joelwiggins.org) or phone at (888)445-7810.


Joel has authored several books on the topics of christian leadership and manhood. He works to tailor each presentation to the needs of his specific audience. Here are some sample “talks”:

Leadership vs. Kingship
Joel shares with business owners the difference between leading and subduing. With over 15 years of owning businesses, Joel shares how ownership can be inherited but leadership must be developed. When leading others, you no longer crisis manage but you move the team with vision. This principle applies to your home and business environments require you to be the king that takes responsibility.

Be A King for the King Of Kings
Encouragement for christian leaders who desire to live a more significant life by impacting the lives of the others. The need for discipleship to change the path one has been on is key to moving from success to significance. Go and make disciples is not only the Great Commission but the foundation of our christian journey.

Identity Theft
Joel shares the need for men to understand their true identity is found in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Identity theft is the #1 crime in the world and Joel believes it is worse than you know. Who are you? If you can’t answer this question, you are subject to fall prey to this devastating crime.

The Business of Home
Joel shares how to lead your home with the same principles and discipline one operates their business. The fundamental key principles of business are universal and should be applied to the most important place on earth, the Home. If you want to know who you are as a man, look to your home.

Sir, Will you help me to get there?
A person lost is usually looking for a trustworthy person to give them direction. Discipleship is important in teaching others, and significant living is connected to the “follow me” process modeled by Jesus Christ. One man reaches another and says, “follow me.”

Who is Looking for Me?
Joel shares the lost place that he and others found themselves once worldly success was attained. The need to shift the paradigm of how we have been taught regarding success and money is crucial. The cave of success is the place where many find themselves while wondering, “is anyone looking for me?”

Show Yourself a Man
Developing and loving men to become the strong leaders of their homes and communities is key. Joel list steps and basic principles to apply in your community and homes to address real change in the lives of men. Healing the wounds of the father and forgiveness are addressed in this topic.

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