Why Today is a Good Day to Die by Joel Wiggins

Why today is a good day to die.

Being a follower of Christ does not make me immune to the horrors of the world. The hatred and deceit that fills the atmosphere due to current events is all around me. I feel the temptation to hate others, isolate myself and point my finger at everyone. These feelings are all justified by my flesh.I too have a son who could easily have been Mr. Garner or Brown but for Your mercy. The strategy used by Satan to divide and accomplish his goal of killing, stealing and destroying is more apparent than ever. I understand more that Satan works in men to accomplish his will because he is our adversary, not men.

This is why I choose to die today. To die to my feelings of offense and hatred due to my belief that somehow I belong to myself. What is true? I belong to God due to the price paid for me by the blood of Jesus on the cross. Lord, please forgive me for thinking of the sins of men(including myself) instead of choosing to follow You and Your word. Thank you for Gal 5:24, 2 Corinthians 5:15-17.
My Prayer: “Lord, protect the hearts of men who feel despair and hopeless because of sin in the earth. Cleanse us from all unrighteouness and teach me to love my neighbors. Use me to bring Your kingdom to this lost world, today. Teach me to love the unloveable and to forgive my offenders while also forgiving me of all my sins. My trust is in You to protect and serve, not sinful men in a uniform. You are my Hero. Amen.”


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