Business of Home Coaching

Business of Home Coaching

We believe our homes reflect the highest level of success in one’s life.  No matter how much success is accomplished in the business or career life, your home is a true mirror of your success.  Too many professionally successful couples are losing in their marriage, family and home lives for many reason.  At the Joel Wiggins Company, we take a business approach to helping our clients experience great success in their marriages and homes.

We offer a twelve month coaching system to helping create a more intentional directed home life through the Business of Home program.  The Business of Home program was created by Joel Wiggins after experiences great business success while his home life was not what he desired.

Our program focus on five key steps to success:

Information, Instruction, Application with accountability, Transformation and Duplication.  We know all of these steps are critical to any sustained success.

Our program is for professionally successful individuals who understand business success and what it takes to sustain a profitable and growing business.  We use these business processes, policies and procedures in your home to establish clarity of vision.

Vision statements, SWOT analysis, operating manuals, clearly defined roles, are some of the many items instituted in your homes.

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families
  • In-Home Assessment Available
  • Man to Man, Woman to Woman Coaching
  • Create Family Logo, Crest, Rituals and Goals



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