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Take Me to King

A challenge for christians in the marketplace to begin to redefine the Kingdom of God in the streets of their land. No more get rich schemes, pastor worship and cliches that deny the power of God through His people. Why christians should influence the land with its unity, resources and personal example. If you have heard yourself saying, “With worship centers on every block, why are we still in this condition?” then this book is for you.

The kings of the land are those concerned with the living of the people. The family, health & wellness, finances, relationships, poor, widows and application of the principles of God must reflect our faith. Learn how the current model of worship center focus must be replaced with believers sent out into the land.


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Prepare to have the very core of what you’ve believed to be your foundational truths challenged. Get comfortable being uncomfortable in your thinking about traditional religion. And be okay with self-examination on a whole new level. Unlike the award-winning gospel smash, this Take Me To The King is NOT for entertainment purposes only and is definitely intended for spiritually mature audiences. Journey with author and successful entrepreneur, Joel Wiggins, as he explores the current state of the Body of Christ through examination of the modern-day worship center, its pastors and leaders, the biblical intent of the five-fold ministry and why something has got to change if Kingdom Kings will ever reign in their rightful place in the community.


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