Moving from success to significance

After leaving a discussion with almost twenty successful doctors, I realize how important my work is to others.  In my early years, I was considered this very successful businessman who looked like everything was perfect.  Big homes, Big cars, Big bank accounts but no peace or joy.

My passion is to go back and find those men who are on that same path and disciple them towards a road of peace, joy and fulfillment.  This new road took me over ten years to accept as gain and not loss.  I thought getting off the road of financial wealth and influence would lead to a road of death.  Not realizing that life and joy was found on the road as a follower of Christ and a fisher of men.

Who are you? Where are you going? Who are you following? Who is following you?

These three questions are what men must be able to answer before they self-destruct in the pit of material gain.  The scriptures speak on the deceitfulness of riches but we seem to ignore those words of wisdom. We follow what is perceived success while trying to heal the wounds on our hearts.

Encourage one another in love and take the time to get away and invest in your heart as well as your manhood.


Joel Wiggins

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